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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about SmartVPN and how different services work? Please select the category that interests you below :

How does it work?

SmartVPN adds a new network interface to your PC / Mac, that will be used as if you have a connection to your local area network or a direct connection to the Internet. Your IP will be different and all your traffic is encrypted and goes through this interface.

What is the difference betweens a proxy and a VPN service?

The VPN automatically encrypt and anonymise your internet connection and all your applications traffic, but when using a web proxy, you need to manually configure some applications (such as your Web browser).

VPN services uses much stronger encryption and are therefore considered safer than web proxies.

Can I use the connexion SmartVPN instead of my current ISP connection?

No, you need an existing Internet connection (cable, DSL, dial-up ., satellite, etc.) to use the VPN service.

What will my ISP see when I’m connected using SmartVPN?

Your ISP will see a secure, encrypted connection to one of our remote VPN servers. It will not be able to decrypt your online traffic or to determine the nature of your online activities.

Does SmartVPN slows my system or my internet connection?

No, in general, you will not notice any slowness.

Can I watch TV and movies shows behind your VPN service?

Yes, most popular online TV and movies plateformes are supported SmartVPN.

In which countries are SmartVPN servers located?

Our servers are located in several countries around the world such as: The United states, France, Netherland and Canada...

Does SmartVPN keep logs of websites I visit?

We have no interest in the tracing the websites you visit. We do only store the connection times and total data usage, and they are stored for a limited time.

Is there any limitation on bandwidth or transfer?

SmartVPN does not applies any limit on bandwidth or transfer download.

Do you offer static or dynamic IP addresses?

We offer dynamic IP addresses . Whenever you connect to one of our servers, you will have a new IP address.

If you are interested in a dedicated static IP, it is offered by subscribing the dedicated pack.

How much cost your service?

The service costs 4$ monthly for a yearly subscription, you will find all information about our offers on the page Offers.

What are the accepted payment methods?

We accept payment by credit card, Paypal and HiPay.

Can I have a test account before buying?

Unfortunately we do not offer accounts test due to abuse issues.

Can I change SmartVPN pack on the fly or I have to wait a specified period?

Changing your SmartVPN pack can be done at any time! but note that if you downgrade from the Dedicated pack to another pack, you may lose your dedicated IP

Can I use my SmartVPN subscription on more than one computer?

With SmartVPN, you can use your account on multiple devices, one at a time! When you change device, you must disconnect first.

Where can I pay and check my SmartVPN invoices ?

The payment of your invoices are available from your customer account in the Invoices tab.

I placed an order and paid on your site. I did not get my SmartVPN credentials . What happened?

All orders are manually reviewed and accepted by the SmartVPN team, in case of non receipt of your information/credentials , please send us a support ticket with your paiement information. Once verified, your details will be sent to you!

Which protocols are supported by SmartVPN?

SmartVPN supports all the most widely used VPN protocols, namely: PPTP, L2TP & OpenVPN.

What operating systems are supported by SmartVPN?

SmartVPN can be used on most operating systems including Microsoft Windows and Apple OSX, Linux / Unix . It is also supported on iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone.

Some protocols are supported by the default like PPTP and L2TP, and others via thirdparty apps. Take a look at our configuration page for more details.


How do I use a router with SmartVPN?

Your router must support one of the protocols used by SmartVPN or PPTP, L2TP or OpenVPN.

Can I use SmartVPN on a public computer ?

Yes, you can use SmartVPN on any computer, but you will need administrator / root privileges to configure it and connect.

SmartVPN servers use UDP or TCP mode?

All  PPTP/L2TP  servers are TCP only, but the OpenVPN ones operate in TCP and UDP.

SmartVPN can also be used for other protocols like ICQ, Mail or FTP?

Once you are connected to SmartVPN servers, all your programs use a virtual network interface, which protects and encrypts all the applications / protocols traffic.

What are the ports that must be open on the firewall / router so I can use SmartVPN ?

No action is required on your part, your ISP must allow GRE (via port 1723) protocol. In most cases, you will not have any problem connecting to SmartVPN.

I have configured SmartVPN, how can I check that I use it?

Once connected, go to our testing page to verify that you are correctly connected.

I've noticed some delays with the server I'm connected to, how do I know if there is a better server?

Go to the server tab from your account page, you will find all information about servers performance.

What can I do if I cannot connect to SmartVPN and the cause is my ISP blocking the VPN (PPTP/L2TP) ?

PPTP and L2TP protocoles are based on the GRE (port1723) which is easily filtered / blocked by Internet service providers. If that problem is confirmed, the solution is to switch to OpenVPN, it works with any Internet connection, and adds a higher level of security while ensuring speed and reliability.

I've used SmartVPN three months ago and my computer is still set to use the service, so If i get a new subscription, do i need to redo the configuration?

No you don't have to reconfigure your computer if you resubscribe to SmartVPN using the same account.

If you do not find a solution to your problem, please send us a support ticket from your client area