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What is SmartVPN ?

SmartVPN is a Virtual Private Network service that you can use to mask your IP. It’s important if you want to protect your privacy and anonymity. People can use your IP address to find your location. If you’re using a Wifi hotspot, others using that same connection can access your computer and get your personal information, or monitor your surfing habits. SmartVPN protects you from these habits by transferring you to a different server altogether, as well as it can allow you to bypass geographical restrictions, granting you access to webpages that may be prohibited in certain countries.


Internet service providers, the government, and large business organizations all have access to monitor and even restrict your actions on the internet. Anything you browse, stream, download, and upload are can be seen by any with access to the server you are on. By using SmartVPN, you become invisible to anyone who would monitor you or access your information using a method called Deep Packet Inspection. SmartVPN acts as a secret passage that will protect you and your identity. No one will know what you are doing, and you will be completely safe and invisible.

VoIP services

Using SmartVPN will lower your International calling costs by choosing the location you’re calling from. Once connected to our network, you can bypass firewalls and all of your video and audio conversations will be encrypted.

Streaming and Online Gaming

When selecting a SmartVPN server located in a specific country, it is basically like connecting to the Internet from that location. For people who like to watch their favorite movies and TV Shows online it means a complete access to all georestricted VOD services no matter what country they’re from or what ISP they have. For gamers, in addition to the freedom to access all their games, they can also benefit from a better latency in some cases due to a better routing.


SmartVPN offers a variety of protocols so that you may connect to the internet protected and anonymous. We use the most advanced technology at our disposal in a Border Gateway Protocol to insure that not only are you protected, but that your connection retains its speed and performance. All the information you exchange with any public server is vulnerable to inspection and exploitation. Our security measures protect your identity, your location, and any messages or files you send. Wherever you are located, your data and your virtual self are protected and unimpeded.

Multi-Protocol Support

SmartVPN offers a variety of protocols to suit your needs and guarantee your right to privacy on any system and in any region. We offer PPTP, OpenVPN, IPSec in both IKEv1 and IKEv2. With our range of protocols, you’ll be able to have access to security through all of your devices simultaneously. Banks and businesses use these protocols to protect themselves from potential hackers on the internet, and it is with these same methods and technologies that we’ll use to protect you.

Our VPN Protocols