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Legal mentions

Anonymous is a registered company that has been registered in Morocco - Casablanca under the company number 261911. Our company has its registered office located at 27 Rue Ibn Lakham, Residence Hiba I. Appt. 7. Casablanca, Morocco.

Following are the terms of service that our company has laid down. You agree to these terms of service by registering yourself and using the services provided by SmartVPN. Our company allows to use its services only under these conditions.

SmartVPN does not support any service that gives rise to criminal acts. It is a service which is private and related to Internet security. You accept not to go against or violate any of the laws under any jurisdiction from which you are originating. Being a user, it is your sole responsibility to go through and know any or all the important norms and laws related to any venue or jurisdiction which by any chance concerns any of your actions. SmartVPN will not be held liable for the actions done by its users including any civil or criminal liability for the losses or harm executed or not executed beyond any payment made to it by an individual for its services.

You also agree to preserve all your important details such as username/password and SmartVPN system for any kind of unauthorized usage. You will be held responsible for any kind of action occurring in on the event of using your username/password for the establishment of the VPN connection.

You agree not to use the services provided by our company for the purpose of sending spam, port scanning, sending unsolicited email, sending opt-in email, scanning the open proxies and open relays or any type of version of email that has been sent in vast quantities, even when your email has been previously sent off via any other server. It is against our ethics to launch any of the pop-ups from our service. You also accept not to assault our service in any way or from any other diverse network or computer system during the use of our services.

SmartVPN is intolerant on the account of exploitation of the children digitally, photographically or in any other manner.

1. Terms of Service as to the Subscriptions:

When you subscribe to our service, you agree to become our subscriber for any period that you have chosen i.e., one month, three months, six months or one year.

The plans provided by us renew automatically during the completion of the term of billing. The term of renewal is by default for the very similar duration to the billing term of the authentic or original subscription. The fee of subscription is charged automatically to the method of payment that you have selected. If you like to discontinue the option of automatic renewal, you can send us an email at indicating your election for the same or you can also easily log in to the website and can further turn off the auto renewal.

The option of auto renewal is turned on by default when you make the use of a payment method that aids auto renewal such as PayPal or credit card. The same is turned off by default when you do not make the use of these methods.

You also get the opportunity to cancel the account with a total refund within a period of 7 days of the first or initial purchase (Money Back Guarantee). All the refunds made beyond the period of 7 days window purchase shall be considered in the lone discretion of SmartVPN, only when the subscriber sworn to demonstrate the unavailability of the service or that the same was used during the subscription period or that many reasonable efforts were made to contact to the SmartVPN to resolve the problem. In this case, the SmartVPN shall fetch a pro rata refund of the service fees to the Account holder which was paid during the period of the service that was not usable or available. Our company generally processes the refunds within a period of 7 days previous to the original form of payment that was used for purchase. All the refunds made are sent USD because of which the amount of refund could slightly differ from the amount that was paid originally in the local currency or bitcoin. When a user purchases five or more accounts under the program of volume licensing, this purchase is not made eligible for Money Back Guarantee.

Each license purchased under our service is a single user account. If you look forward to access for the service of multiple users, you shall buy a new license for every additional user.A single license can be easily installed and activated on a number of computer system, consoles, mobile devices and routers owned by you. A single license can be used at the same time by only one mobile, one computer, one streaming media as well as one wireless router. However, the simultaneous logins from single license by more than one user are strictly prohibited.

2. Policy as to usage :

You agree to abide by all the applicable laws as well as regulations in connection with your usage with these services.

You are responsible for the maintenance of the confidentiality of all your credentials of security, codes of activation, passwords, etc. You are also held liable for any harm which results from the disclosure or allows any kind of disclosure of your important credentials.

You also further agree that you as well as anyone using your account will not indulge yourself in any of the following activities. Also, any of these following activities collectively constitute the grounds for the termination of the account held by you.

The violation of this above mentioned policy shall result in the termination of your account without any kind of refund previously paid for this service. At the same time, you will be held liable for all kinds of damages that are incurred by SmartVPN.

SmartVPN provides you the opportunity to download the software, along with its updates and patches as well as other utilities and tools on your computer system or any Internet-enabled device. SmartVPN also grants you a fine and non-exclusive as well as limited license to make the use of the software individually for the purpose by SmartVPN during the Software is made available to you as the user and in accordance with the terms provided by the agreement. All kinds of activities such as distributing to unauthorized parties, modifying. Reverse engineering or otherwise making the use of the software in any other way and manner which is not expressly authorized by SmartVPN is prohibited strictly.

3. Policy as to privacy:

We are totally committed towards your policy and therefore we do not collect any type of traffic data or any browsing activity from the connection of the individual users to the VPN. The information provided by you is stored with us and we do not share it with any third person except as important to furnish the features of our service. You also get the opportunity to change your password or personal information just by logging in to our site. We also connect a number of information such as the times as to your connection with our service, the choice of the location of your server as well as the total amount of the data that has been transferred per day. We store all the activities and information provided by you in the best possible manner and secures it completely. However, our software may during some circumstances, send a diagnostic data to a analytics provider of third party for the sole purpose if the identification of connection errors and bugs in the application. All the information collected in this case is very generic in nature and does not contain any information as to personal identification.

SmartVPN uses the third party cookies, website analytics tools as well as the pixels in order to track all the sales promotion as well as advertisements and to comprehend the pages on the site that receive the visitors.

4. Policy as to Disclaimer:

We sworn to ward off any kind of interruption to the service as well as the site. However, this clause comes with some terms and conditions. We do not warrant the accuracy of the information or materials provided by our service. We disclaim all the warranties of any type. We do not control any data or content or services and we are not responsible for the same. We do not have any kind of duty to transmissions or block information, products, services, domains etc. We are also not the publisher of the content of third party that is accessed via service and are not responsible for its services, messages, graphics, etc. The access to third party website under our service is completely at your own risk. We are also not liable for any damages or loss that has been caused as a result of use of any third party website. We attempt to make all the services available to you all the time. At the same time, these services are subject to certain factors. The timeliness as well as accuracy of the data so received is not guaranteed. Omissions and delays may occur.

5. Restrictions as to the Liability:

SmartVPN shall not be held liable or responsible for any kind of damage or loss to any user on the account of

Along with this, you, being a user are solely responsible for the payment of all the charges and fees of the third party vendors and their sites or services accessed by you. We entertain no responsibility for the provider of the third party policies.

6. Policy as to indemnification:

The indemnification policy at SmartVPN lays down that you agree and admit for the indemnification. You also agree to defend as well as hold harmless SmartVPN, its directors, members, employees, officers, agents, partners, suppliers as well as all their respective officers, members, employees, affiliates, shareholders, members, partners, agents and all other members, from any as well as all kinds of claims and expenses. These claims and expenses also include the fees of the attorney that has arisen out of your use in regard to the service and site. This policy as to the indemnification shall not be violative of the Agreement provided by us. We, at our lone discretion, shall assume the exclusive control as well as defense of any matter which is a subject to indemnification by the user (you). However, this assumption of the control as well as defense by us shall not be an excuse to any of your obligations as to the indemnification.

7. Policy as to the choice of Law :

Our policy as to the choice of the law says that the agreement under us shall be construed as well as governed by and in accordance with the law provided by (please mention). It excludes all its conflicts of the law rules. If in the case of any provision of the agreement is held as unenforceable or invalid, that particular provision shall be applicable in the same manner that remains consistent with the law applicable to reflect the authentic or original intent of the norm or provision. All other remaining provisions under this agreement shall work full-fledgedly as to its force as well as effect.

8. Policy as to Arbitration:

All kinds of disputes and differences arising out of the agreement or relating to the agreement as well as the use of this service or site shall eventually be settled down under Casablanca tribunal by sole arbitrator. The arbitrator shall be appointed as per the said rules of the Act. The arbitration shall be conducted at Casablanca unless the parties to the arbitration otherwise agree in a writing followed by their signs. The Arbitrator so appointed must be well qualified and shall have an experience or background in the sphere of the computer networks including the Internet, but not restricted to it. The arbitrator so appointed shall be empowered with the authority to allow a fine exchange of the documents. Any discovery so arisen shall be restricted to the request of the documents as well as interrogatories. The Arbitrator appointed shall not be fetched with the authority or the power to add or subtract anything from the agreement as well as the cost and charge of the arbitration shall be entertained equally, except as described as under.

The arbitration shall take place on an expedited manner and schedule. The arbitration must be concluded within (please mention the number of days) and an award shall also be issued during the very same period. The procedure is followed by the filing of the arbitration-demand, unless the parties to arbitration proceedings agree to the extension or the continuance of the time writing.

Subject to any other applicable law to the very contrary, the user agrees that any cause of the action related to or arising out of the use of the services or the site must be initiated within (please mention the duration in year) post the cause of the action caused, or the concerned action shall be cancelled on a permanent basis.

In all the circumstances where SmartVPN is the respondent in the process of any such arbitration, all the damages awarded against SmartVPN shall not exceed the total amount that you have paid to SmartVPN for the use and access of its service.

The Arbitrator so appointed shall be empowered with an authority to provide any kind of temporary, preliminary as well as injunctive relief in the same form and manner that would otherwise be granted by any Court of Law. The Arbitrator so appointed shall not be empowered by any authority to award the damages which are punitive. The resulting and the final arbitration award shall be enforce as well as the injunctive relief shall be sought in any court having a competent jurisdiction in the (please mention the area). All the reasonable costs including the cost of arbitration as well as the attorney's fees should be awarded against the party who initiated the process of arbitration, in the circumstance that the party does not prevail in the process of arbitration.

The parties which are the subject to the process of this arbitration provision shall include the SmartVPN, its directors, officers, employees as well as the legal entity and the company who is a parent, sister company or any subsidiary to SmartVPN or with which SmartVPN has entered in any contract in order to provide the services to subscribers via SmartVPN.